Dog Towel • North End


The Dog Towel - for laying in the grass, on the beach, or to dry your pup off after a bath

North End - I see dolphins, dancing in the ocean. Calm blue cotton with dolphins having fun!

100% Cotton with Terrycloth cotton towel liner 


40 x 25 inches
102 x 62.5 cm

Machine washable / line dry or tumble dry low

TESTIMONIAL: from @LittleMissDaisy

"My take on The Paws Pup Towel;

Typically I have to use two towels to dry Daisy up to be able to blow dry her... this only took one. The Towel is lined on the outside so the water doesn't just soak right through, aaaand, it keeps the outside dry so they can lay on it even after it has been used. Overall 10/10.

Also, if you see a bandana print that you like but it doesn't show up on the options for the towel, message them and ask!! The pink was not in their options, they are so accommodating."