Our dear friend Angie, who lives in Bali, helps many beach dogs. I first met Angie while we were living in Bali during my daily beach walks. You can't help but notice her as she walks along the sand with a pack of dogs following her footsteps - because she is their fairy godmother! 

Beach dogs have a hard life - but if they have someone on their side looking out for them they can survive and even flourish! Angie does just that - she looks after a heap of beach dogs and thanks to her they have snacks, vaccinations and are sterilized. 

The other week we helped sponsor a few beach dog sterilizations. Angie arranged the vet to come down to the beach and he performed the surgeries right in the parking lot. It's a whole lot easier if you don't have to transport a 'wild' dog to the vet clinic. Thankfully the doctor could set up a surgery space right there by the beach and Angie facilitated the whole thing! 

We are thankful for our pup customers who support The Paws - making it possible for us to support our friends who are doing amazing things for the stray dogs. 

Beach side sterilization

Bali beach dog surgery

Beach dog sterilzation

Bali dog sterilization surgery