We are moving in our new Bali headquarters this week! After several months of construction our new building is ready. 

This past weekend, before moving into the space, there was a Melaspas ceremony. This is an important ceremony in the Balinese culture that is conducted to purity and sanctify a newly built space. Our lovely landlord, Nessa, and his family helped to arrange this ceremony for The Paws. It involves a series of rituals performed by a Balinese priest and is accompanied by offerings, prayers and blessings. 

The full Paws team was there in traditional attire along with a handful of our business partners and suppliers. The landlord's family all attended as well. Our new headquarters is right in front of their family home and temple. 

It was a wonderful ceremony followed by local Balinese treats and quality time with our team. 

Melaspas ceremony Bali

Manufacturing in Bali

Balinese traditional ceremony

clothing manufacturing in bali

Melaspas Ceremony in Bali

Melaspas ceremony Bali

Bali clothing manufacturing

Melaspas ceremony in Bali

We were so thankful and fortunate to have a family there to take photos for us!