Around the corner from our home in Bali there is a small veggie market where we pick up groceries every couple of days. Last month we noticed a couple of kittens roaming around, they were only a few weeks old. A few weeks later another litter of kittens arrived and there were now 2 mama cats and 7 kittens between them. The lady who runs the shop told us she rescued the mom cats about a year ago and they each had a separate litter within weeks of each other. 

We arranged for the vet to come and give worming tablets to all 9 of them at the grocery and the next day the moms had their sterilization surgery at the clinic. 

We are so glad to help prevent the family from having more kittens in the future. We will be sure to check in on all 9 cats and make sure their medical needs are covered. 

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