We love our teammate Dewi!

Dewi has worked with The Paws for two years and now it’s her time to move on. She will be missed so much!

She’s off to Australia for new adventures!

Before she goes we wanted to share a bit about her time with The Paws.

Libby: What was your favorite part about working with The Paws?

🌸 Dewi: There are so many things I could write! My most favorite part about working with The Paws was being able to stay focused on work, but also have fun with my friends! We were able to joke around about everything! Girls have a lot to talk about!

I also loved when customers and their dogs would visit our warehouse!

Libby: What is your best memory while working at The Paws?

🌸 Dewi: I loved sharing lunch time with the team! We always share our lunch food with each other. I will really miss this daily routine!

Libby: What is something you learned while working with The Paws?

🌸 Dewi: I learned so much from Bi [The Bali Operations Manager]. She is so good at managing The Paws team at our Bali warehouse. We have lots of busy days, when loads and loads of bandanas need to be packed by a specific time - Bi helps us manage the busy days.

Bi shows us that you can be a leader and a friend too! This makes us respect her and we have a very good working environment that is fun place to spend time.

I will definitely take the lessons I learned from Bi and use these for future management and leadership skills in the future.

Libby: What do you dream of doing one day?

🌸 Dewi: I would love to create a dog homestay! I love dogs and one day this would be a dream!

🪡 🧵

The Paws are very thankful for Dewi's quality of work. 

She has been a big part of our daily operations, quality checking and supporting the team in all areas of her work. 

Libby, James and Bi are proud to see her learn, adapt to the changing work, and adjust as we added more team with her support.

The Paws team will all miss her - but sending high fives as she goes. Can't wait to see what she does next!

Dewi stepping out of the warehouse - The Paws Bali Team

Dewi packing dog bandanas - The Paws Bali Team

Dewi holds a bandana on hanging retail packaging - The Paws