We spent the weekend camping by the beach in Ocracoke, North Carolina. A beautiful little island off the coast of the Outer Banks - accessible by car ferry. 

With a year round population under 1000 the island is mostly known as a tourist destination in the summer months. The island is mostly made up of sandy beaches and open spaces. There is a village center with restaurants, bike rental shops and a beautiful lighthouse. 

When we take a holiday we always research the animal rescue groups in the area. This way we feel connected to the space before arriving and we see if there is a way we can make a donation. 

Ocracoke North Carolina

While we were visiting we noticed a number of stray cats running around the dirt path roads and playing between the sandy bushes. In Ocrakoke we learned about Ocracats - a non profit organization run by community volunteers. 

Ocracats run a Trap - Neuter - Release program to work on controlling the islands growing community of cats. They also have a feeding program and offer medical help when possible for the injured or sick cats. They work on finding forever homes for the kittens too! 

We made a donation towards their cause. Visitors can also donate food and drop it at a local shop in town. 

Check them out!