We love helping our customers create one of a kind bandanas unique to their brand.

We do this by custom screen printing a logo or slogan onto the cotton bandanas.

The process is done in Bali by hand.

Screen Printing Work - mixing colors

Screen Printing Work - color work

The printer hand mixes the colors to create an excellent match to the Pantone color provided. The screen and paint is then pressed onto the fabric resulting in a beautiful graphic onto the cotton.

Screen Printing Work - Color through the screen

Screen Printing Work - the magic of the art

We work with a lovely family business team in Bali to create these unique bandanas.

Screen Printing Work - Workspace

Screen Printing Work - Work in progress pre-sewing

These bandanas are then shipped to businesses and shops around the world!

We're proudly handmade - and love this process of creating unique bandanas with our production teams.

Screen Printing Work - Bandanas with a message