Back in February our friend Sathsarani wrote us about a litter of 5 puppies who had recently been dumped in Sri Lanka.

She took them to the vet (inside a cute blue basket!) and they had their first medical check up.

Six Months Of Care - Puppies in Sri Lanka

Six Months Of Care - Vet Clinic in Sri Lanka

Over the course of the next few months Sathsarani took the pups back to the clinic for follow up appointments.

Sadly 2 of the pups did not survive. It’s very hard being a Sri Lanka street dog, but thankfully this litter has a guardian family who keep an eye out for them on the street.

Six Months Of Care - Veterinary Medical Care in Sri Lanka

Six Months Of Care - Sri Lanka Dogs

Fast forward and six months later the dogs were just sterilized and one was even adopted!

It takes dedication (and a lot of love!) to help street dogs over the course of 6 months. The 3 dogs are now sterilized and fully vaccinated - giving them the best chance of survival. Sadly, something that isn’t offered to many of the Sri Lanka street dogs.

Six Months Of Care - Tuk Tuking with dogs in Sri Lanka

Six Months Of Care - Sri Lankan Puppies Medical Checks

Success with Sri Lanka Dog - The Paws Mission in action

Thanks to your support The Paws has paid for all of their vet visits and medical care. Each bandana sold makes this possible!