The other day Hope For Bali Dogs asked if we could help sponsor 14 pups alongside their 2 moms. 

Thanks to your support we were able to donate $200usd to go towards their initial care such as vaccinations and checkups. 

Bali rescue dog

Hope for Bali Dogs

The pups and their moms are living in a Balinese family compound and Hope For Bali Dogs is going to work with the family to care for the pups and hopefully find them adopters. 

Bali rescue puppy

Bali rescue puppy

In a few weeks time the 2 moms will go in for sterilization surgery. Next week the vet will return again for another check up. 

female dog sterilization bali

As you can imagine this is a big undertaking for Hope For Bali Dogs and we are glad to be able to help them!