Several years ago our friend Arya found a sweet mama dog who had just given birth to seven little pups. A group of us came together and moved the little family to Happy Paws, a dog boarding shelter in Bali.

Junior's Mom Brownie

We named the mom Brownie and she was safe and secure with her little pups. My friend Marie and I went to visit them over the next month and were showered with puppy kisses. They turned into little fluff balls. We worked hard to get them re-homed so they didn’t have to spend too much time in the shelter.

After our second visit Marie had decided she needed to adopt one of the little pups - we were so excited to keep one of the puppies in our family of friends!

Junior Jensen (JJ for short) said goodbye to his furry siblings and went home with Marie. They spent their afternoons in the Bali sunshine and became the best of friends. Scout and I spent many days playing with Junior and Marie (and taking lots of photos!)

Junior & Scout the Bali Dog

Junior wearing his Whole Lotta Love Bandana

Junior & him mom Marie

Marie made the move back home to her family in Germany while little JJ waited in Bali for his paperwork and bloodwork to get approved.

Several months later Junior joined his family in Germany! It was a long and stressful process but when Junior arrived to Europe it was all worth it … Junior was now a German pup!

Junior - Big Boy

Junior and Marie spent 3 loving years together traveling around Germany. They played in the snow, took lots (and lots) of selfies and enjoyed their life side by side.

Junior and Mom Selfies

A picture of Junior the Bali Dog

Junior in the snow in Germany

Our sweet and loving Junior passed away in his moms arms this week - our thoughts and all of our love is with Marie during this tough time. Junior was so lucky to have her as his mom - from the streets of Bali to the warmth of Marie’s arms Junior had a wonderful 3.5 years in this world.

He has crossed over the rainbow bridge and we will all think of him often. We love you JJ - keep an eye over your mom until we see you again!