While driving towards Yala National Park in Sri Lanka we passed a group of pups down a little lane. I jumped out of the car to say hello and give them some skin medicine and a group of ladies came out to see what I was up to.

Sri Lanka with The Paws I

We didn’t speak the same language but through a bit of sign language I learned they took care of the pups and fed them in their home. I showed them the medication and pulled off a few ticks.

Sri Lanka with The Paws II

Sri Lanka with The Paws III

They invited us to walk around their home and led us to the area where the pups sleep and play. They also had six cats too!

Sri Lanka with The Paws IV

Sri Lanka with The Paws V

The family cares for seven local dogs and six cats - how wonderful! We were able to exchange smiles & laughs, together we understood one thing - we all love animals. This was a very special moment.