Hope for Bali Dogs have just rescued 6 puppies! They were found in an old drainage pipe in the middle of a field.

Pups Needing Rescue - The Paws Mission

They quickly sprang into action to help the pups so they had a chance of surviving. For a few days the puppies stayed in the field while they came up with a plan of action. Hope For Bali Dogs asked if The Paws could help cover their medical care and of course we said yes!

Rescue Underway
Rescue Underway - Hope For Bali Dogs

Our amazing reseller - Good Boy Collective is sponsoring 3 of the pups thanks to their new order with The Paws and we are sponsoring the other 3. Each pup will be fully vaccinated and sterilized when the time comes.

We helped with adoption photos and so far a few of the puppies have already found forever homes! The others are waiting with our friend Emilia in foster care so they can have a safe place to lay their head.  

Rescued Pup One - The Paws Mission
Rescued Pup Two - The Paws Mission
Rescued Pup Three - The Paws Mission
Rescued Pup Four - The Paws Mission

We can’t wait to follow their journey as they grow up - safe and healthy!

Foster Care - Hope For Bali Dogs