Five little pups were abandoned by the roadside in Sri Lanka and a team of amazing people worked together to give them a hand!

A friend of ours sent me a message saying she spotted the pups on the side of the road - looking alone and needing help.

We got on the phone and called another friend who could pick up the pups and take them to the clinic for medication.

Rescue Mission - Pups needing some help, some snacks

Rescue Mission - Pups needing some help with The Paws

While we were arranging this - we received another message - from a friend who heard we were helping, and she wanted to help them too! Talk about teamwork!

The pups were taken to the clinic for vaccinations and then relocated from the roadside to a safe and secure area behind a home.

Rescue Mission - Pups needing some help - at the vet

Vaccination work for pups needing some help

They are currently being looked after and we will make sure they get the care they need!

Good people making a difference for dogs in need

Sri Lanka - Puppy cage for safety

Pups in their little safe space - Sri Lanka