While riding along the streets in Bali, Ania from Hope for Bali Dogs spotted a little pup all alone. She pulled over and called the closest vet clinic to come and help her take the pup into safely.

Rescued Bali Pup - In need of care

The pup was scared and shaking, but after a few attempts the team were able to get the little girl into the cage and off to the clinic for her medical checkup.

Rescued Bali Pup - Picked up and on the way to the vet

The Paws is sponsoring her medical care and we have decided to call her little Nancy!

Nancy has had a checkup and the other day she had her own adoption photoshoot - complete with a new Paws bandana.

Rescued Bali Pup - looking sweet

She is currently in foster care and will be ready to adoption too!

Rescued Bali Pup - In foster care