Meet Old Mate Rufo

Before being rescued by Hope for Bali Dogs Rufo spent his days on the street - He'd spend most of his time resting under cars as he didn’t have much energy and was trying to hide from the heat.

Ania, with Hope for Bali Dogs was keeping an eye on him and feeding him during their street feeding program.

Old Mate Rufo - A Bali Dog in need of a hand

One day Rufo was hit by a motorbike resulting in a broken leg. Hope for Bali Dogs found him howling in pain. They immediately took him off the street and to the clinic.

Thankfully Rufo was able to have a surgery to help his injury. He spent a bit of time recovering in the clinic and then moved into foster care.
The Paws was able to make a donation to his medical care thanks to your support!

Old Mate Rufo - A Bali Dog in need

Rufo is now living in foster care with our dear friend Naomi who is taking the best care of him.

Old Mate Rufo - Recovery in good hands

Old Mate Rufo - The smile of thanks

The Paws sponsored the cutest adoption photoshoot of Rufo too!

Old Mate Rufo - Living with good people

Old Mate Rufo - A Bali Rescue Dog

We love you Rufo - we are so glad you are living your best life now after so many years on the streets!

You are part of this too - thank you for your support for The Paws!