The best part about our wholesale program?! Our resellers get to choose where they want to donate 20% of their order value! This is a great way The Paws + our resellers can give back to pups together!

Pets of Ponsonby, our New Zealand reseller, recently wrote us that they wanted to give back to pups in need in our area - we had the perfect way they could help:

The other week 6 little pups were found alone in an abandoned house with their mom - Hope For Bali Dogs decided to rescue the pups so they have the best chance of survival and a wonderful life ahead.

Five Resue Pups in Bali

A Rescue Pup in Bali

To fully vaccinate and sterilize all 5 pups we needed to donate USD$345 - Pets of Ponsonby had a donation of USD$270 with their Paws order - and they offered to donate the extra USD$75 so the whole group could be taken care of financially!

The pups are safe in their foster home with Emilia and the other day the vet came to give the first round of vaccines thanks to Pets of Ponsonby and their customers!

Rescue Pup getting Vaccinated in Bali

Rescue Pup getting Vaccinated in Bali

Our friends went to take their adoption photos the other day, and boy are they cute! Pets of Ponsonby customers are helping to choose their names and we can’t wait to hear what they decide!

Rescue Pup in an Extra Small Everyday Bandana

Rescue Pup in an Extra Small Lemon Meringue Bandana

We love working with our amazing resellers all around the world to help give pups the life they deserve!


Pets of Ponsonby was developed by pet lovers, for pet lovers. Embracing design, function and the needs of pets, their offering is curated by a passionate team in Auckland, New Zealand. 

You can contact them here;

Pets Of Ponsonby


Hopeforbalidogs was created to end the suffering of the street dogs in Bali - you can also be part of this! 

Visit Hope For Bali Dogs site to see the work they do!