Hope for Bali Dogs rescued two little sisters in mid November. The little pups were intentionally dumped near Hope For Bali Dogs. They were covered in fleas and in need of help.

Bali Dogs in need of support

Of course our friends jumped to the rescue and took the 2 puppies to the near by clinic for a medical check and medication. The Paws was able to send a $200 donation to help with their initial medical care

Veteranary Care for Dogs in Need - Support from The Paws

They had their first round of adoption photos and have spent the last few weeks resting and recovering.

Tiny little Bali dog - Wearing their Paws bandana

Tiny little Bali dog wearing their Paws bandana

Now they are ready for their forever homes in Bali! They are active, sweet and fun little pups. We can’t wait to see where they end up and watch them continue to grow as the years go on!

Little rescue pup - thanks for your support

Little Bai rescue pup - thanks for your support

Thanks to Hope for Bali Dogs for everything they do for the pups in need in Bali!